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Below are the paintings we are currently offering for our Spirited Painting Parties, Afternoon Painting Parties and Private Lessons with Mary Lou!
Please keep checking back, we are working on adding more!

Spirited Painting Parties - It's a different kind of Painting Party!     Eat, Drink & Create!

No painting experience necessary! Each painting is designed by our artist instructor to allow even the novice painter to come away with a completed and attractive 16x20 stretched canvas painting.
The instructor will guide participants through each step of the painting process. Painting Helpers are also available to help you along!

The party is designed for breaks during painting for the guests to socialize, walk around, eat, drink and relax. Adults are welcome to bring their own adult beverage to enjoy and if you would like an
optional snack to share. There are some painting aprons/shirts available or guest can bring their own.

Henne's hosts one Spirited Painting Party each month. Cost is $35/person. Check out the upcoming schedule at our gallery page or class page.
Sorry, there are no refunds after the payment deadline for our parties unless Henne's cancels the event.  However, those who paid and were unable to attend
do have the opportunity to schedule a time to paint the picture they missed, there is a $5/hour charge for the instructors time and all supplies are included.

Host Your Own Spirited Painting Party!
Henne's can bring the party to you or have the party in the Art Cellar Gallery!
Cost for the party is only $35/person, this includes all painting supplies and instruction. (Minimum 10 participants) The host provides refreshments. A $150 deposit is required at booking.
Deposit will be returned if the party is canceled before 7 days prior to event date or if Henne's cancels event.

Afternoon Painting Party
For everyone 11 & up!  Have fun and experience painting like an artist in a nonjudgmental environment! Use professional artist quality supplies while learning basic brush strokes to create your very own work of art!

All painting supplies are provided along with an artist guide and painting helpers. Painters will leave with a completed 16" x 20" stretched canvas painting. No painting experience required!
Parties are held the second Thursday of each month from 3:00 - 6:00 pm. Cost is $35/person or 2 for $60 (must register & pay at same time). Henne's will provide non alcoholic beverages & light refreshments. Participants are welcome to bring a snack to share (optional) and their own adult beverage.  There are no refunds after the payment deadline unless Henne's cancels the event.


All Paintings are on a 16" x 20" stretched canvas unless otherwise stated.

   #34  Poppies                                           #35  Peacock  (Choose your own colors!)     #36 Light Flight                                   #37 Autumn In The Country                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

       Poppies - Henne's Spirited and Afternoon Painting Parties             Peacock - Henne's Spirited & Afternoon Painting Parties           Girl with Light - Henne's Afernoon & Spirited Painting Parties       Autumn in the Country - Henne's Spirited & Afternoon Painting Parties      


#38 Bridge to Grandma's House                 #39 Is Anybody Home?                         #40 Santa Secret                                 #41  Bleeding Hearts

Bridge to Grandma's House - Henne's Spirited & Afternoon Painting Parties             Is Anybody Home? - Henne's Spirited & Afternoon Painting Parties            Santa Secret - Henne's Afternoon & Spirited Painting Parties          Bleeding Hearts - Henne's Drafting & Art Supply Spirited Painting Party


  #42  Spring in the Forest                    #43  Becky's Arbor                             #44 By Gone Days                              #45  City Girl                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

  Spring in the Forest - Henne's Drafting & Art Supply Spirited Painting and Afternoon Painting Parties         Becky's Arbor - Henne's Spirited Painting and Afternoon Painting Parties       By Gone Days - Henne's Afternoon & Spirited Painting Parties       City Girl - Henne's Drafting & Art Supply Inc. Spirited and Afternoon Painting Parties



#46  Dragonflies                                   #47  Temples in the Mist                      #48  Fryman's Beach                         #49   Peek-A-Boo

Dragonflies - Henne's Drafting & Art Supply's Spirited and Afternoon Painting Parties        Temples in the Mist - Henne's Drafting & Art Supply's Spirited & Afternoon Painting Parties       Fryman's Beach - Henne's Drafting & Art Supply's Spirited & Afternoon Painting Parties        Peek-A-Boo  Henne's Drafting & Art Supply's Spirited & Afternoon Painting Parties


#50  The Colors of Fall                                #51   Holiday Greetings                                                 

The Colors of Fall - Henne's Drafting & Art Supply's Afternoon Painting Parties & Spirited Painting Parties        Holiday Greetings - Henne's Drafting & Art Supply's Spirited Painting Parties and Afternoon Painting Parties



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* This painting is more difficult and requires 4 hours to complete.  Cost is $40/person (sorry, no discounts).  It may also be done as a 1 Day Workshop, cost is $75/person.
** This painting is difficult.  It can be done as a "Paint with Mary Lou" or a 1 Day Workshop with a cost of $75/person.  (Workshops require a minimum of 4 participants.)

Please note, painting parties are scheduled after the retail store hours. The store is open to party participants if they would like to shop for art supplies.

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