The Art Cellar Gallery

Winter Festival Of Art XIV

Evergreen with snowFeaturing
Local Artists

November 13, 2015 - January 15, 2016snowman

Participating Artists

Lew Birmelin     Patty Brown     Alisha Carrasco     Tom Cook

Mary Haley-Rocks     Mary Henne     Jane Johnson     Carolyn Kelly

Joyce Kerr     Dale Lewis     Dale Mara     Carol Miller

Pat Olson     Sharon Weaver

This is only a small sample of the artwork in the show.
Please stop into the gallery to enjoy all the wonderful work by our talented artists!

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Click on the images below to see a larger image.


Joyce Kerr - Ceramic Tiles

          Painted Ceramic Tiles by Joyce Kerr                             

           Painted Ceramic Tiles                            Painted Ceramci Tiles                   
                           $9 each
                                                     $9 each                                                  


Dale Lewis - Acrylics


            Fall Road - Acrylic painting by Dale Lewis                        Kentucky Road - Acrylic painting by Dale Lewis                      Winter Sunrise - Acrylic painting by Dale Lewis     

               Fall Road                           Kentucky Road                    Winter Sunrise
                  Acrylic                                    Acrylic                                      Acrylic                                  
                  $300                                        $290                                        $220     


Dale Mara - Photography


             Kelly's Island Dawn - Photography by Dale Mara                        The "Old" Jericho Road - Photography by Dale Mara                  Winter Morning - Photogarhy by Dale Mara                       

      Kelly's Island Dawn            The "Old" Jericho Road              Winter Morning
             Photography                             Photography                           Photography
                  $63                                            $63                                        $188


Carol Miller - Ceramics


            Small Open Jar, Pear Jar - Ceramics by Carol Miller                       Jars with Grapes - Ceramics by Carol Miller                       Small jar, Plate with Oak Leaves, Bowl with Dogwood - Ceramics by Carol Miller

        Small Jar & Pear Jar       Jars with Grape Leaves     Small Jar, Plate with Oak 
                                Ceramics                Leaves & Bowl with Dogwood
                $15 Each
                                $15 - $75                                Ceramics
                                                                                                              $10 - $75


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